League Scores for this weeks ABA Teams

This weekend’s scores…
These are the ones I have, if yours are missing, please send in and I’ll post them tomorrow.¬† A lot of great games for sure, excellent way to start the season.

Atlanta Wildcats over Central GA Rattlers, 118-115
SanDiego Surf over Lakewood Panthers, 148-114
Port City Tornados over Pensacola Lightning, 124-115
Salina Saints over St.Louis Spirits, 138-112
Kansas City Soul over St. Joseph Sheild, 103-78
South Florida Gold over Mid GA Pits, 155-105
Baltimore Hawks over York Buccaneers, 138-82
La Crosse Showtime over Chicago Knights, 127-126
Chicago Fury over Team Network, 159-116
West Michigan Lake Hawks over IL Bulldogs, 123-112
Binghamton Bulldogs over Elmira Eagles, 115-112
Texas Seraphim over Cen TX Nighthawks, 110-108
Team Perseverance over Fayetteville Flight, 132-119
Worcester 78s over Jersey Express, 131-115
Team Trouble over San Diego Kings, 118-104
Orlando Waves over Florida All Stars, 125-96
Magic  City Surge over Pro Elite Flyers, 116-114
Steel City Yellow Jackets over WV Warlocks, 149-118
Philadelphia Cannons over W MD Bulldogs (forfeit)
Stan Cty SuperKats over OC Novastars, 149-118
Worcester 78s over NE Liberators, 137-116
Cent GA Rattlers over Atlanta Wildcats, 105-94
San Diego Guardians over SD Surf, 120-110
Port City Tornados over Pensacola Lighting, 110-90
Kentucky Enforcers over Owensboro Colonels, 125-89
Chicago Knights over Team Network, 135-110
Chicago Fury over La Cross Showtime, 159-137
West Michigan Lakehawks over OC Cowboys, 120-63
St. Louis Spirits over Topeka Steel, 115-106
Pro Elite Flyers over Magic City Surge, 124-121
South Florida Gold over Mid GA Pits, 129-118
Atlanta Storm over Greenville Galaxy, 136-104
Orlando Waves over Florida All Stars, 128-105
Twin City Jazz over River City Thunder, 130-124
Georgia Kingz over Georgia Predators, 139-122