Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Association (ABA) played 21 games over the weekend as part of its

shortened season.  “With only about 25% of the teams playing due to Covid-19 restrictions,” stated ABA CEO
Joe Newman, “it is nevertheless a consider number of games played as teams compete to make the
Final Eight Tournament scheduled for April.”
Tampa Bay Fury over Sunrise Jewels, 127-102
Alabama War Dawgs over Columbus Blackhawks, 136-97
Orange County Novastars over Phoenix Knights, 112-111
Indiana Lyons over Ohio Bruins, 91-89
San Diego Surf over South Bay Sharks, 73-66
Chicago Angels over Kind Soul Bobcats, 161-123
Midwest Guardians over Buchannon Bears, 175-83
Chicago Fury over St. Louis Spirits, 142-103
Nassau Pride over St. Marys Bucks, 162-112
Harlem Underdogs over NEPA Stars & Stripes, 97-94
Chicago Knights over Missouri Capitals, 108-98
South Phoenix Knights over Phoenix Valley Outlaws, 116-108
Ohio Bruins over Midwest Guardians, 122-115
Team Trouble over Silicon Valley Panthers, 118-96
Chi-Town Rebles over Midwest Falcons, 131-112
Southwest Desert Cats over LP Wolves, 149-100
Steel City Yellow Jackets over Delco Desparados, 150-124
Chicago Knights over Chicago Black Angels, 113-110
Fayetteville Flight over Georgia Thunder, 127-108
Fayetteville Flight over Georgia Thunder, 143-120
Orange County Novastars over Scottsdale Titans, 85-83
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