ABA Scores – Weekend of Jan 19, 20

Roc City Ravens over Elmira Eagles, 148-134
Team Trouble over Orange County Novastars, 160-124
Las Vegas Royals over Sacramento SuperKats, 124-88
Port City Tornados over Music City Jazz, 111-99
Missouri Capitals over Illinois Bulldogs, 159-125
St. Louis Spirits over Indiana Lyons, 119-105
Jacksonville Giants over Austin Bats, 132-122
Fredericksburg Grizzlies over Baltimore Hawks, 130-107
Tri City All Stars over Kyle Stallions, 126-113
Tri City Blackhawks over Magic City Surge, 111-91
River Region Generals over Southwest Warriors, 109-79
St. Louis Spirits over Illinois Bulldogs, 180-100
San Diego Guardians over South Korea, 86-85
San Diego Guardians over CC Delta Stars, 135-112
River Region Generals over Atlanta Wildcats, 126-123
PG Valor over Woodbridge Wolves, 147-142
South Florida Gold over St. Augustine Glory, 135-105
Pensacola Lightnings over RJJ Bodyhead, 96-91
Indiana Lyons over Viper Pro Basketball, 168-129
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2 years ago
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