ABA Scores – Sat, Dec 22 and Sun, Dec 23

The ABA had a limited schedule of games this week as most teams took off for the Christmas holidays. 

Steel City Yellow Jackets over WV Warlocks, 145-92

Team Trouble over Oaktown Warriors, 164-95

Wyoming Valley Clutch over West Chester Wildcats, 122-114

Team Network over Akron Aviators, 114-89

Philadelphia Cannons over Cent Jersey Sharks, 108-105

West Michigan Lake Hawks over La Cross Showtime, 107-94

West Mass Zombies over Worchester 78’s, 154-138

Illinois Bulldogs over Indiana Lyons, 143-139

Chicago Fury over Chicago Knights, 120-118 OT

Tri City Blackhawks over Middle GA Pits, 130-106

Binghamton Bulldogs over Elmira Eagles, 150-116

San Francisco City Cats over OC Novastars, 129-112

Port City Tornados over Music City Jazz, 132-113

San Diego Kings over San Diego Guardians, 143-140

San Diego Kings over Metta World Peace, 160-112

Syracuse Stallions over West Chester Wildcats, 155-95

Roc City Ravens over Oneonta Octane, 123-98

NEPA Stars & Stripe over Atc Cardinals, 141-120

Central Jersey Sharks over NEPA Stars & Stripes, 101-99

Topeka Sizzlers over Kansas City Grillerz, 145-102

Austin Bats over Alexandria Armor, 141-130

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