Weekend Scores, Nov 10, 11

Congratulations to all of the winners.  If your score isn’t posted, it is because I didn’t get it.  Will include it tomorrow.

7 City Knights over Tucson Buckets, 143-103
Augusta 706ers over Middle GA Pits, 111-92
South Bend Monarchs over Akron Aviators, 128-122
Worcester 76ers over NE Outatowners, 140-106
San Francisco Cats over Oaktown Warriors, 175-76
San Diego Kings over Oakland Townhawks, 123-105
Sacramento SuperKats over Team Trouble, 110-98
Philadelphia Cannons over West Chester Wildcats, 110-106
St. Louis Spirits over KC Grillers, 170-55
Wyoming Valley Clutch over Roc City Ravens, 114-97
Missouri Capitals over KC Grillers, 170-55
Norristown Knights over Pottstown Flames, 130-93
West Michigan Lake Hawks over Team Network, 125-102
Syracuse Stallions over Scranton Shamrocks, 139-105
Binghamton Bulldogs over Elmira Eagles, 138-106
Jersey Express over ATC Cardinals, 114-112
Kyle Stallions over Houston Red Storm, 140-122
Indy Lyons over Chicago Fury, 120-118
Roanoke Rising Stars over Team Perseverance, 167-130
York Buccaneers over Reading Wizards, 117-95
Chicago Knights over Chicago Steam, 109-102 OT
Arizona Beast over Las Vegas Royals, 113-112
Orange County Novastars over Henderson Hawks, 113-105
Steel City Yellow Jackets over Cleveland Blaze, 137-134
Vancouver Dragons over Quad City Flames, 138-81
St. Louis Spirits over Missouri Capitals, 116-107
Jersey Express over Central Jersey Sharks, 129-122
Atlanta Aliens over LaGrange College 107-95   (exhibition game)
Steel City Yellow Jackets over WV Warlocks, 134-101
Team Trouble over CCC Delta Stars, 145-101
Oneonta Octane over Elmira Eagles, 140-133
Alexandria Armor over Baton Rouge 179-137
Worchester 76ers over Elite Kings of Queens, 133-123
Fredericksburg Grizzlies over Philly Cannons, 131-126
San Diego Guardians over Oaktown Hawks, 141-115
Richmond Elite over Team Perseverance, 166-74
Chicago Knights over West Michigan Lake Hawks, 99-97
Binghamton Bulldogs over West Chester Wildcats, 128-106
DMV Warriors over Woodbridge Wolves, 114-103
South Florida Gold over 305 Ballers, 135-97
Austin Bats over Tri City All Stars, 122-96
La Crosse Showtime over Viper Pro Basketball 134-100
Reading Wizards over NEPA Stars & Stripes, 135-84
2 years ago
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