Indianapolis, IN.  In what was a record-setting number of games for an ABA weekend, the ABA kicked off its season with a few upsets of Power Ranked teams.  “This is going to be one competitive season,” stated ABA co-founder Joe Newman.  “The level of talent across the country is tremendous. Fans had an opportunity to see some exciting basketball.”

NEPA Stars & Stripes over Pottstown Flames, 117-112
San Francisco Cats over Oakland TownHawks, 169-94
Wyoming Valley Clutch over Philadelphia Cannons, 150-144
Akron Aviators over Cleveland Blaze, 145-137
Akron Aviators over La Crosse Showtime, 114-110
Bronx Holy Flames over Atlantic Coast Cardinals, 113-110
Orange County Novastars over Sacramento SuperKats, 101-92
San Diego Kings over San Diego Guardians,m 129-119
Baltimore Hawks over Jersey Express, 148-118
Port City Tornados over River Region Generals, 136-93
Team Trouble over Contra County Delta All Stars, 144-102
Fayetteville Flight over Team Perseverance, 146-104
South Florida Gold over X Freedom,m 154-73
PG Valor over Reading Wizards, 139-124
Scranton Shamrocks over Binghamton Bulldogs, 140-130
Richmond Elite over Woodbridge Wolves, 110-102
Tri City Blackhawks over Central GA Rattlers, 124-116
Sunrise Jewels over Sarasota Manatees, 114-104
West Michigan Lake Hawks over Lansing Legends, 127-106
Tri City All Stars over San Antonio Blaze, 124-107
Syracuse Stallions over Elmira Eagles, 139-87
Chicago Fury over Vipers Pro, 143-78
Chicago Knights over South Bend Monarchs, 113-111
Pottstown Flames over Lancaster Wolfpack, 106-94
Indiana Lyons over Team Network, 104-97
Magic City Surge over Atlanta Aliens, 129-124 OT
Roc City Ravens over Elmira Eagles, 128-123
Fredericksburg Grizzlies over Roanoke Rising Stars, 131-121
Team Trouble over Oakland Townhawks, 131-101
US Navy over San Diego Surf, 111-89
Binghamton Bulldogs over Oneonta Octane,131-106
Steel City Yellow Jackets over Wierton Widowmakers, 167-98
PG Valor over York Buccaneersm, 122-111
Chicago Fury over South Bend Monarchs, 107-87
Chicago Knights over Viper Pro, 117-98
Pottstown Flames over West Chester Wildcats, 100-93
Alexandria Armor over Twin City Jazz, 130-118
More scores to follow.  For more information, visit www.abaliveaction.com.
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