Indianapolis, IN.  The American  Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that it has entered into a partnership with LT Presents, one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of CBD products, to produce a complete line of CBD “professional sports league approved” CBD products including ABA Gold Energy, an exclusive new Energy Formula that provides both a short-term energy boost as well as a sustainable and increased level of energy over an extended period.  “We are very excited about this latest ABA initiative,” stated ABA co-founder Joe Newman. “The entire sportsworld is abuzz about what CBD-based products can do, and the ABA is the first professional sports league to introduce a complete line of products.”

“The body functions at a much higher level with the natural anti-inflammatory and healing properties of the CBD and herbs,” added Craig Torosian, VP of LT Presents.  “It provides a more focused, clearer and elevated state of mind with heightened awareness; the sustainable energy boost is unlike energy shots, rather than a speed caffeine buzzy feeling.”  
The complete line of ABA Gold CBD products is now in production and will be introduced at the ABA League Meeting in Indianapolis, IN on July 21st.  The product will be available on-line and at many locations beginning early August following the
product introduction at the Opening of ABA Gold in Las Vegas on 4th. (www.abagoldbasketball.com). Products will include 3-D, Rebound, Assist and Jump Shot in addition to ABA CBD Energy.
“I’m very proud that the product has been named ABA Gold CBD,” commented Harold Whaley, ABA Gold CEO.  “Being a part of this project from the ground floor has added much to our exciting new league.”
About LT Presents
The company was founded by Lars Tetens, an American artist in ventor, innovator and creative force in many industries. His company manufacturers gourmet spices, leather bags, luxury cigars and other produts.  His overall guiding mission is to improve people’s lives by invigorating their senses and enhancing their experiences so they can live a more full and healthy life.  It is with these principles that he moved to tackle and shatter one of the biggest problems facing our nation today, opioid addiction.  And thus, created a proprietary CBD based product that will help millions of people get back to living a full, inspired, pain free life with a heightened state-of-mind and a healthy sense of well-being without addiction.  “We are extremely excited about working with the ABA and the manufacture and marketing of ABA Gold CBD,” added Torosian.  “We believe we have the best CBD products on the market and to have this storied league behind the product is
 Lars has been a consultant for many athletes, celebrities and rock stars including Def Leppard, Aerosmith, Butch Vig and has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine.  For more information about ABA Gold CBD Energy and the other products, email
5 years ago
Written by abaliveaction
ABA Executive