Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that it has teamed with Phoenix-based Connect to Your City LLC (CTYC) to launch ABA TV on the CTYC live 24/7 Over the Top (OTT) streaming TV platform.  “We are very exciting about this project and working with Larry Witherspoon, Founder of CTYC,” stated ABA co-founder Joe Newman.  “With the ABA’s 150 teams, plus the WABA, ABA Gold, ABA Mexico, ABA Australia, ABA Streetball Tour, and ABA Media & Entertainment Concerts,  we certainly have enough content to create an interesting channel especially with the addition of rap, hip hop and rock music to complement the programming.”

ABA TV will be streaming live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in 196 countries, joining the 28 channels managed and operated by Connect to Your City.  In addition, ABA TV will be marketed by CTYC on 650 affiliate OTT channels with existing built-in audiences collectively generating 77 million unique visitors per month.  “I believe that ABA TV on the OTT platform will substantially impact the growth of the ABA and continue to advance the game of basketball domestically and around the world,” added Newman.
“The future of television is here,” stated Witherspoon,”and CTYC
is preparing to light up 50 broadcasting production facilities in cities where ABA teams are currently located which will provide teams and players access to media services and support for the ABA TV venture.”  
About Connect to Your City
CTYC has created a proprietary 24/7 OTT channel management platform committed to assisting channel operators reach their goals by influencing large numbers of viewers and supporters.  CTYC operates as a Multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) and Virtual Multichannel video programming distributor (VMVPD).
“We believe the following are key driving forces behind the market opportunity for ABA TV,” continued Witherspoon.  “As increasingly reported by the media, traditional distribution and viewing of video content on terrestrial bands, satellite and cable is rapidly shifting to distribution and viewing of steaming TV and digital media via the internet, commonly referred to as “cord-cutting.”  At the same time, streaming of digital media via the internet is shifting from computers to video-capable mobile devices and smart TV’s domestically and internationally.   ABA TV is a win-win for increasing the reach to capture a greater audience to stimulate growth of the ABA and the bring this remarkable brand with all of its exciting various entities to the forefront of professional sports.”
Additional details will be forthcoming shortly. For more information, contact Larry Witherspoon at [email protected], call+1 310-334-9424 or email Joe Newman at[email protected] or call 317 844 7502.
6 years ago
Written by abaliveaction
ABA Executive