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ABA Australia, we are happy to announce that we have worked really hard and put together an APP for the entire ABA league. Those of you that can see the big picture will realize this is going to be huge for all of us not just the best team or the team with the most fans.
This app can help you with local business promotions and advertising inside the app as well.  This App is connecting Communities – We have a product that gives visiting teams and their fans insight on your city – Best places to go – & specials in your city.

The Products That Will Grow Your Business

As you build this up app holders in your area can see businesses that support the ABA!

These products are really cool and every business can use them to help get new business.  This will be great for you and your team’s business model and great for the local community.  It will also get new customers that visit the businesses to download the app to be able to access the features.

APP Sales Products Link:

FREE Merchandise Shop in the App:

We also have flyers for each product that a business can print and put on their counter or register to let app holders know they are supporting the ABA & shows their offer in the app:
Go to our website to copy and email PDF’s that businesses can print and put up in their shops –   NOTE:  Feel Free To Create Your Own Flyers If You Don’t Like Ours – They Are Just A Guide!  

We have had a few people email us today about getting listed in the app Awesome but many more that have not reached out yet.  App downloads a starting to pick up and we have under 50 downloads but we have 6 countries interesting…

If you like what we are doing – Get your FREE ABA store live & Make sure you are listed in the app then get your team and fans to spread the word it can be profitable for your team.

Thanks for your time!!
CJ Henderson ABA Australia

6 years ago
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