Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Association (ABA) has announced that it has adopted the program created by Kimberly Clark, owner of the Magic City Surge, as part of its nationwide community outreach efforts.

“PEP TALK ABA was created to bridge the gap between the community and the league giving the ABA a chance to join in the fight against several issues,” stated Ms. Clark.  “Daily our youth and young adults deal with bullying, violence, drug abuse, sexual abuse and more more which creates barriers between them and their dreams.  through PEP TALK ABA, we will help promote programs that will empower, encourage and employ the communityt to take a stand and to be involved in rallying behind our youth to achieve their goals.”
PEP TALK ABA will provide mentorship, motivational videos and build lasting partnerships with schools, churches, local and national initiatives to provide a safe zone for our youth and young adults to work towards their dreams. For more information how you can become a part of
PEP TALK ABA, contact Kim Clark at, visit, or

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4 years ago
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