Magic City Blitz added to ABA Expansion Teams


Indianapolis, IN. The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that the Magic City Blitz located in Birmingham, Al has been added to its roster of expansion teams for next season. “The largest professional sports league in the US continues to grow,” stated ABA co-founder Joe Newman. “And we couldn’t be more pleased to welcome Kimberly Meadows Clark to our growing ABA family. The ABA is blessed to have some fabulous women owners and Kim follows in their footsteps.”

Kimberly Meadows Clark will be the principal owner of the team. She was recognized by the Metro Birmingham Chapter of the NAACP in 2016 for Outstanding Community Service and in 2017 was recognized by The Young Black Progressive Caucus as a Leader among Women of Color. Currently, Kim is employed as the Community Outreach Coordinator and Case Manager for Firehouse Ministries. “I am excited about this new venture and I am hoping I can save our youth by implementing community outreach and other service through sports,” added Meadows.

She currently sits on the Executive Committee of the Jefferson County Millennial Democrats. “The Blitz will be more than just a team; we will be a family that will thrive in our community and will work with different initiatives like Autism, Bullying, Homelessness, Domestic Violence, Health and Wellness, Education and the Arts,” stated Ms. Meadows-Clark.

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