ABA Welcomes Middle Georgia Pitts – From ABA Player to Team Owner

Indianapolis, IN. The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that the Middle Georgia Pits has been added as an expansion team for the upcoming season. “This is especially meaningful because the co-owner, DJ Hicks, has been an ABA player for nine years and we’ve always felt that owning an ABA team would be a great basketball “career extender,” stated ABA co-founder Joe Newman. “DJ’s dad is the owner of the ABA Columbus Blackhawks.”

Prior to starting his professional basketball career, DJ played college basketball for several ABA teams including the Columbus Blackhawks, Atlanta Wildcats, Daytona Beach Sharks and the South Florida Gold.

The team will be co-owned by Tashina Spaulding, who has quite a sports and business background and will also lead the Middle Georgia Lady Pits, a member of the WABA that debuts in August. In high school, Tashina excelled in several sports including basketball and track and did the same at Andrew College where she studied pre-law, Criminal Justice and Criminal Law. She has been an ABA Assistant Coach for several years and have been in the food and beverage industry for seven year.

“The Middle Georgia Lady Pits will put on a show like no other,” added Tashina. “Together DJ and I will make the people of Middle Georgia very proud.”

For more information, email altonhicksd@gmail.com or visit www.abaliveaction.com.


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