Texas Red Wolves / Seraphim and ABA “Give Back to the Community”

The local Texas Red Wolves came out and volunteered for a desperate need of help at the Food Pantry, this past Thursday. We distributed to food to 150 families – 50lbs of food to each family. Adam came to the rescue with his help to represent Seraphim and ABA. We have many families struggling in our communities and it’s helping each other at these times to give a helping hand that is appreciated.

Adam and I worked in blazing heat for a wonderful cause. I was happy to introduce him to my partners at the event in hopes that he will create new relationships with them as well. Working together and bringing ABA into homes as family based entertainment in our communities sets us up as examples to work together and build with each other.
Thank you Adam once again and you are showing great leadership as Chairman, especially with just 2 days notice for this event. You and I both were not expecting to get that workout…but we stepped up and took the challenge.
ABA = Family
Stephanie Garza
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5 years ago
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