ABA Adds “Atlantic Coast Cardinals”

Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that it has added the Atlantic Coast Cardinals to its roster of teams set to begin play in November.  “Even though we closed out expansion for this season several months ago, we decided to add the Cardinals because it greatly enhances the Northeast Division with another excellent well prepared team,” stated ABA co-founder Joe Newman.  “Better late than never and this will be a good addition with Buffalo, NYThundersnow, Elmira and others nearby. We’re excited.”

The Cardinals are owned by Brian Salter, who at the age of 26 started his first professional basketball team after playing briefly at Harford College in Maryland.  His team, the Atlantic Coast Crusaders did well with Brian as owne/coach and he soon added another, the NY Metropolitan Fighting Crusaders…and now, comes the AC Cardinals to the ABA.  “I started this team because of the passion of Devin Williamson, one of my players who was named Captain/Head Coach/GM and we hope to make a positive impact on the ABA in the years to come,” added Salter.
The team will be located in Orange County in Upstate NY.  Prior to joining with Mr. Salter, Devin played for the Bronx Holy Flames in the ABA.  “As Captain/Head Coach and GM, I have a lot of work to do putting a great team on the court,” stated Williamson,”  “and an equal amount of work to do off he court. But I am excited we can bring the ABA to the area and I know the fans will support us.”  For more information, email dott115@hotmail.com, salter11230@gmail.com, or call 845 423 3557 or visit www.americanbasketballassociation.org or www.abaliveaction.com.
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