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GoYodel adds Lids | Locker Room to their network!

We are excited to announce that the Lids|Locker Room franchise has joined the GoYodel network. With more than 1,000 stores in every part of the country and in Canada and Puerto Rico, the Lids & Locker Room brand is known for a great inventory of top-quality athletic hats, jerseys and work out clothing.

“The main reason we love GoYodel is the trackablity that their platform provides. We are going to use GoYodel to expand our efforts to work with Non-Profits and loyalty organizations such as fraternties, sororities, veteran groups and others,” commented Carla Taylor, Marketing Manager for Lids. She continued, “We can track the item, the store and secure the buyer information that currently is difficult to secure. It’s great!”

How could your business use GoYodel?
It only take a few minutes to set up your account, create an offer and bundle with dozen of non-profits locally or across the country.

If you have products or services that are ideally suited to specialized vertical markets such as non-profits, college and university students, alumni, fraternites and sororities, the racing industry, or loyal fans of college and professional sports, you need to talk to Sean Kurker, the VP of Sales for the Indinapolis market. Sean can review the many benefits of using the GoYodel platform for all of your promotional needs.

Contact Sean at<> or call him at 317-514-5321.

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