2015-2016 ABA Awards

The ABA Award recipients for the 2015-2016 season and the reason for the Awards.

  • ABA Team of the Year.  Jacksonville Giants.  “On and off the court, the standard by which all ABA teams are measured.”
  • ABA Owner of the Year.  Ron Sholes, Jacksonville Giants.  “Outstanding leaderships produces great results every year.”
  • ABA General Manager of the Year.  Pam Masters, Jacksonville Giants.  “Total attention to detail gets excellent results on and off the court.”
  • ABA Coach of the Year.  Kevin Waters, Jacksonville Giants.  “Prevailed over extremely tough competition and difficult schedule.”
  • ABA Expansion Team of the Year.  DMV Warriors.  “The best during a record-setting year of expansion teams, on and off the court.”
  • ABA Executive Committee Member.  Joyce Patterson. Richmond Elite.  “Outstanding leadership providing creative ideas and concepts to make the ABA a better league.”
  • ABA Division Chairman.  Lori Watson, South Florida GOLD.  “A great communicator, well respected, outstanding leadership.:”
  • ABA Most Valuable Player.  Andre Muse, Chicago Steam.  “With 80 teams, 1000 players, provided leadership and stats worthy of a true MVP.”
  • ABA Special Merit Award. Greg Brown, Baltimore Hawks.  “Hosted ABA All-Star Game, served as DC for Northeast Division.”
  • ABA Special Merit Award.  David Duggan, 805 Stats.  “Provided an incredible stat system and support to all ABA teams.”
  • ABA Special Merit Award.  Monica Belanger, Team Network.  “Assisted ABA in its record-setting expansion season.”
  • ABA Special Merit Award.  Michale Watson, South Florida GOLD.  “Helped develop abaliveaction.com and helped manage 805 Stats program.”
  • ABA Special Merit Award.  Sports Radio America (SRA).  Provided worldwide coverage of ABA games at the highest professional level.”
  • ABA Special Merit Award. Marlon Minifee. Laredo Swarm.  “Finished #1 in ABA Power Rankings, hosted the Final Eight and served on the Executive Committee.”

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