Power Rankings thru February 7th, 2016

Mobile Bay Tornados

Mobile Bay Tornados


Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Association (ABA) today released its Power Rankings for the week ending Sunday, February 7th and for the third straight week, the Mobile Bay Tornados held the number one position followed closely by the Laredo Swarm.  “We’re at the time of the year when number of games played and difficulty of schedule play a major role in the Power Rankings,” stated Joe Newman, ABA Co-founder.  “The Tornados are 13-0, the Swarm is 14-1, but the Jacksonville Giants, previous two time winners of ABA Championships, have the most difficult schedule competing almost solely against the top teams…so the #1, #2 positions could change very easily.”  A minimum of eleven games was required to be Power Ranked.

  1. Mobile Bay Tornados 13-0
  2. Laredo Swarm 14-1
  3. Miami Midnite 14-3
  4. Jacksonville Giants 16-5
  5. Kalamazoo Purew 11-2
  6. Jersey Express 12-3
  7. Chicago Steam 12-3
  8. West Texas Whirlwinds 11-2
  9. Bowling Green Bandits 10-2
  10. DMV Warriors 10-3
  11. West Michigan Lake Hawks 11-4
  12. Grand Rapids Danger 9-4
  13. South Florida Gold 12-6
  14. Daytona Beach Sharks 8-4
  15. Mid-South Echoes 8-4
  16. Chicago Fury 9-6
  17. Columbus Blackhawks 9-6
  18. Team Network 8-6
  19. Texas Skyriders 8-6
  20. Baltimore Hawks 7-6
  21. Atlanta Aliens 7-4
  22. Austin Boom 7-5
  23. Texas Red Wolves 7-6
  24. Motor City Firebirds 6-6
  25. Texas Fuel  5-6

There are two “sleeper teams, the Windy City Groove and Georgia Kingz that are really impressive,” added Newman, “and if they play a few more games, should be highly ranked.  And of course, next weekend, the Richmond Elite should return to the rankings.”

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