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Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced the creation of an International Committee whose mission it will be to add international teams in the United States.  “We have had phenomenal success with the Shizouka Gymrats, a Japanese team based in San Francisco, for the past several years.  The Gymrats have traveled throughout the US and have always drawn large crowds of Asians whereever they plan,” stated Joe Newman, ABA Co-Founder.  “Being the most diversified professional sports league ever is just the start.  We feel the timing is right to have additional diversity in the form of full international teams playing in the US.”

“We have appointed Don Sanchez, ABA West Coast VP and VP of the ABA 50th Anniversary Committee, to oversee the development of the international teams,” added Newman.

“I am really honored to have been selected to spearhead this program,” commented Sanchez.  “We are now working with groups representing China, Korea, Japan and other Asian countries as well as Mexico, Central America and South America, and plan to locate the teams in US cities with high-density international populations.”

For more information visit:

www.americanbasketballassociation.org or www.abaliveaction.com or email Don at losangelesslam@gmail.com.


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5 years ago
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