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The American Basketball Association (ABA) has announced plans to re-launch the Womens American Basketball Association (WABA) in August.  “There is so much interest in womens’ basketball and there are so many great players,” stated ABA co-founder Joe Newman.  “But up to now, we have not found the right formula for success on and off the court.  Thanks to a group of ABA team owners, we have put together an exciting new model, one that we know will work and help make the WABA the largest professional womens’ league in the US.”

The new WABA will consist of divisions throughout the US with at least four teams in each division. The divisions will be managed and overseen by Division Managers, who will help set the schedule and determine the rules, operating procedures.  “Like the ABA, it will be easier to own and operate a WABA team than any other,” added Marsha Blount, owner of the ABA Jersey Express, and one of the Division Managers.  “Our initial plan calls for a “split season, starting in August for a couple of months, a short break, and then WABA games played prior to regular season ABA games during the mens’ schedule November-March. We are very excited, this is long overdue.”

Thus far, there are seven divisions are in the works:

  1. Southeast Division
  2. Northeast Division
  3. North Central Division
  4. Gulf Coast Division
  5. Louisiana Division
  6. Texas Division
  7. Pacific/Northwest Division

“Actually, we are interested in having divisions in every state,” continued Alton Hicks, Southeast Division Manager and owner of the ABA Columbus Blackhawks.

For more information about becoming a WABA Division Manager or putting a team in the WABA:

Email Joe Newman at  [email protected]
Visit www.americanbasketballassociation.org or www.abaliveaction.com and complete the “Reserve a Market” application, mark it WABA.
More information will be posted on the WABA pages on the ABA websites.
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