ABA Press Release: Sports Radio Comes to the ABA

Louisville, KY – Fans of the American Basketball Association, Inc. (ABA) (ABKB) (www.AmericanBasketballAssociation.org) and its’ franchise teams all over the country will be able to follow the action, as the 2016 National Championship Tournament will be held in Laredo, Texas. All of the games during the April 3-10 tournament will be broadcast on Sports Radio America.

Sports Radio America (SRA), a dynamic, Louisville-based online, sports news and talk radio station, (www.SportsRadioAmerica.com) has partnered with The American Basketball Association in a multi-year, international broadcasting agreement. The renewable agreement extends through the 2017-2018 season.

Sports Radio America has focused its broadcasts in this first year of the partnership on the premier matchups all across the country during the regular season of the ABA in a “Game of the Week” format.

The American Basketball Association is currently the largest sports organization in the United States. Since the rebirth of the ABA in 2000, the league has amassed more than 80 teams across the nation. The ABA is considered the premier basketball association in the USA outside of the higher-profile NBA and its branch organizations.

Franchises in Texas, Florida, Alabama, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, and Michigan will be competing over the course of the week to determine who will be the champion of 2015-2016 season.

Sports Radio America is a wholly-owned subsidiary and flagship brand of Tyayoku Studios, LLC. The network is distributed through frequently-used apps including TuneIn, and will soon be available on iTunes Radio. In only its third year of operation, SRA has become a popular choice for authentic sports talk and live game action; registering listeners in 188 US radio markets and 64 different countries worldwide.

For more information or media request, please contact:

For SRA: Jim Tirey – Director of Live Events; email LiveEvents@SportsRadioAmerica.com

Or Ayokunle Spencer – GM/Programming Director; phone 502-202-3686 www.sportsradioamerica.com

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