Tjuan Benafactor: The Credible Content EP is like candy – sweet, substantial, and satisfying.

Antjuan Washington aka Tjuan Benafactor, the Pittsburgh-based hiphop artist whose production and songwriting skills are well-known in the underground industry, has released his latest 6-track project,The Credible Content EP.  What began as a career in event promotion has developed into a force in the music world with his Arucca Flyboy record label distributing various indie artists and labels.

On The Credible Content EP, Tjuan brings his recognizable delivery with his smooth voice and good rhymes. He drops nice wordplay and is consistent with an exceptional flow. This EP is like candy for hip-hop lovers in a good way: sweet, substantial, and satisfying.

tjuan-benefactor-cc-coverTjuan Benafactor’s off-the-cuff tales are only secondary to his amazing alliterative wordplay. On some songs it seems like he is determined to test the English language’s boundaries, and go just beyond them. Tjuan has one of the greatest flows you will ever hear. Always unimpressed and deadpan, he has a tone, rhyme scheme and wizardry with consonant sounds that make many lesser rappers seem boring. What’s stunning is it seems effortless.

Tjuan has positioned himself at the top withThe Credible Content EP.  From his initial releases, he showed his lyrical abilities, his insightful glimpses into this troubled world and gritty tales over banging beats, and with his progression, his level in the game has increased. This EP is top notch, Tjuan’s unique way of spitting and his play on words make him one of the best and original emcees currently about. He really knows how to manipulate words and has a flexible pace and rhyme scheme.

Songs of particular note, include, “Love & Hip Hop”, “I Live It”, “Grade A” and “Can’t Get To Heaven”. This is definitely a solid selection in the genre of rap music, which was put together with real effort. Time to download from iTunes!

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