Projected ABA Broadcast Schedule

Nov 7 Brooklyn vs New Jersey (WATCHIDSN)
Nov 8– Brooklyn vs New Jersey

Nov 8 – Kalamazoo Pure vs Grand Rapids Danger (WatchIDSN)
Nov 14 – Texas Fuel vs Texas Red Wolves (WatchIDSN)
Nov 14 – Miami Midnites vs South Coast Fire(WAtchIDSN)
Nov 15 – NY CourtKings vs Brooklyn Skyrockets(LiveSportscaster)
Nov 15– Bowling Green Bandits vs Steel City Yellow Jackets (Livesportscaster)
Nov 20– Baltimore Hawks vs York Bucs (LiveSportscaster)
Nov 21– Arizona Scorpions vs Tucson Buckets (WATCHIDSN)
Nov 22 – Bowling Green Bandits vs Indy Naptown All Stars (LiveSportscaster)
Nov 28 – Texarkana vs Jackson Showboats(WATCHIDSN)
Nov 29 – Columbus Buckeyes vs Indy Naptown All stars(LiveSportcaster)
Nov 29 – Ny Court Kings vs West Virginia Wildcatz (LiveSportscaster)
Dec 5– Baltimore Hawks vs York Buccaneers(LiveSportCaster)
Dec 5 – Buffalo 716ers vs Steel City Yellow Jackets (WATCHIDSN )
Dec 5 – Jacksonville Giants vs Miami Midnites (WATCHIDSN)
Dec 6 – Brooklyn Skyrockets vs NY Court Kings
Dec 6 – Naptown vs Kalamazoo (LiveSportCaster)
Dec 12 – Chicago Fury vs Milwaukee Rimrattlers(WATCHIDSN)
Dec 13 – NY Court Kings vs Jersey Express(lLiveSportscaster)
Dec 13 – Kalamazoo Pure vs Lansing Sting (WATCHIDSN)
Dec 13 – Indy Naptown All Stars vs Chicago Steam (LiveSportcaster)
Dec 17 Atlanta Poets vs DMV Warriors
Dec 19 – Loredo Swarm vs Texarkana Panthers (WATCHIDSN)
Dec 19 – Jacksonville Giants vs South Florida Gold (WATCHIDSN)
Dec 20 – Jacksonville Giants vs South Florida Gold (WATCHIDSN)
Dec 20– Baltimore Hawks vs Richmond Elite (LiveSportcaster)
Dec 20 – Buckeye Show vs Lansing Sting (LiveSportcaster)
Dec 26 – Baltimore Hawks vs Hampton Road (WATCHIDSN)
January 2 – South Florida vs Jacksonville (LiveSportscaster)
January 3 – South Florida vs Jacksonville (LiveSportscaster)
January 3 – Chicago Steam vs Indy Naptown Allstars (WATCHIDSN)
January 7 – Miami Midnites vs Jacksonville Giants (WATCHIDSNr)
January 8 – Loredo Swarm, vs Texas Fuel (WATCHIDSN)
January 9 – Grand Rapids vs West Michigan(WATCHIDSN)
January 9 – Baltimore Hawks vs Jersey Express (LiveSportcaster)
January 10 – Flint Firebirds vs Lansing Sting (WATCHIDSN)
January 10 – NY Courtkings vs Steel City(LiveSportscaster)
January 16– Atlanta Poets vs Texarkana
Jan 16 – Chicago Fury vs Monarchs (WATCHIDSN)
Jan 17– NY Courtkings vs Bronx Holy flames(LiveSportscaster)
Jan 17 – Flint vs TeamNetwork (WATCHIDSN)
Jan 23 –  Steel City Yellow Jackets vs Chataqua Hurricanes(LiveSportscaster)
Jan 23 – Kitsap Admirals vs Seattle Mountaineers (WATCHIDSN)
Jan 23 – Buffalo 716ers vs NY Courtkings(LiveSportcaster)
Jan 24 – Texas Fuel vs Austin Boom (LiveSportscaster)
Jan 24 – South Florida Gold vs South Coast Fire (WATCHIDSN)
Jan 24 – Atlanta Storm vs Daytona Sharks (WATCHIDSN)
Jan 30 – Steel City Yellow Jackets vs Baltimore Hawks ((WATCHIDSN)
Jan 30 – Kitsap Admirals vs San Fransico Rumble  (LiveSportcaster)
Jan 30 – Ballaholics vs Everret Evolution
Jan 31 – Jacksonville Giants vs Southwest Warriors (WATCHIDSN)
Jan31 – Steel City Yellow Jackets vs Grand Rapids Danger (LiveSportcaster)
Jan31– Buckeye Show vs Buffalo 716ers (LiveSportcaster
Feb 5 – US Army vs Texas Fuel (WATCHIDSN)
Feb 6 – Baltimore Hawks vs NC Coyotes (LiveSportcaster)
Feb 6 – Clarkson Poets vs Atlanta Storm (WATCHIDSN)
Feb 6 – Chicago Steam vs Jacksonville Giants (WATCHIDSN)
Feb 7 – Chicago Steam vs Jacksonville Giants (WATCHIDSN)
Feb Fayetviile 7 – NY Courtkings vs Baltimore Hawks (LiveSportscaster)
Feb 13 – Greenville Galaxy vs Jackson Showboats (WATCHIDSN)
Feb 13 – Baltimore vs Steel City (WatchIDSN)
Feb13–  York vs NY Courtkings (LiveSportscaster)
Feb 14 – Atlanta Storm Mobile Bay Tornoda (WATCHIDSN)
Feb 14 – monarchs vs Buffalo (WATCHIDSN)
Feb 14 – Kalamazoo vs Indy (LiveSportcaster)
Feb 19 – South Florida vs Miami (LiveSportcaster)
Feb 19– Jacksonville vs Baltimore (WATCHIDSN)
Feb 20 – Arizona Scorpions vs Orange county Nova Stars(WATCHIDSN)
Feb 20– Fayetviile vs Atlanta Poets
Feb 21 – Loredo vs Texarkana (WatchIDSN)
Feb 21– NY Courtkings vs New Jersey Express (LiveSportcaster)
Feb 22 – Miami vs Baltimore (LiveSportcaster)
Feb 27 – Kitsap vs Shizouki (WATCHIDSN)
Feb 28 – Indy vs Monarchs (LiveSportcaster)
Feb 28 – Kalamazoo Pure vs Team Network (WATCHIDSN)
March 4 – Texas Fuel vs Austin Boom(WATCHIDSN)
March 5 – Jacksonville vs Fayetville (WATCHIDSN)
March 5– Jersey Express vs Philly Spirit (LiveSportcaster)
March 6– Indy vs Colombus Buckeyes (LiveSportcaster)
March 6 Network vs Atlanta Poets
Early ABA Playoff Rounds to be broadcast on WATCHIDSN & LiveSportcaster
Some games will be broadcast live & some games will be broadcast during the week on tape delay


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