The highlights of the greatest duo of all ABA time:
“ALDIS PRESLEY and Brandon ‘OB’ O’BRIEN “(2012-2013) of the Southwest Warriors
a real offensive duo and deadly weapons.
They used all the tricks to beat their opponents with monster poster dunks, hanging in the air, aerial laid ups, beautiful pass, crazy fakes, alley hoops and sharp shooting. This is an ultimate and unstoppable connection. There are many great actions and some rare footage in regular season and playoffs.

Not since Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.”(1987 to 1993) has a league seen a pair like these two super stars. During 2012-2013 ABA seasons, these two put up some monster numbers. They averaged 55.09 points per game, 16.03 rebounds per game, 14.21 assist per game. As a tandem they were some efficient sharp shooters, while shooting 34.1% from the three point line, 50.175% from the field and 76.175% from the free throw line. During the 2013 ABA PLAYOFF game in Fayetteville, NC, they scored 77 points, 27 rebounds, and 22 assist giving them another triple double. The two form the most consistent guard-forward combination in ABA history. How many of O’Brien’s field goals came at the end of a Presley pass may never be calculated but surely the vast majority. The two played together for the whole year never missing a game and postseason. The two were so intertwined with their infamous (to defenders) pick-and-roll that was almost impossible to stop and Presley constantly feeding O’Brien for baskets that the phrase “Presley to O’Brien” became reminisce of “Stockton to Malone”.

“They are masters at getting into peoples’ heads,” said ABA coach Ralph Presley. “They are very well drilled in the physical game. They are very physical at both ends of the court, and they have the experience of being able to play technically and tactically.”

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