ABA Adds Atlanta Rappers to Huge Expansion

ABA Adds Atlanta Rappers to Huge Expansion


Indianapolis, IN. The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that it has added the Atlanta Rappers to its growing list of expansion teams for the upcoming season. "This is an especially exciting team as it adds great basketball with tremendous entertainment, a goal of the ABA," stated ABA co-founder Joe Newman. "The team is owned by Kenneth "Kigity K" Kelly, an Atlanta-based rapper/producer and entepreneur with a passion for basketball."

Kelly started his career in music independently in 2010 and quickly rose to success when his music began generating record-breaking sales. He was invited to Atlanta by the owners of mixtapekitchen.com and began working with music industry powerhouses. Kelly has been producing beats under the name DJ Beatondalo. In Feb 2017, Kelly opened the Kigity Factory, a multi-purpose space centered around music, fashion, artist development, finance and basketball. "I am now the proud owner of the Atlanta Rappers," added Kelly. "We are ready to roll out a plan that includes the involvement of mainstream rappers and anticipate being one of the best and most entertaining teams in the ABA."

For more information, email kiggzmusic@gmail.com, visit www.atlrappers.com or visit www.abaliveaction.com.


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